Video comparing Soviet ideals with realities of the post-communist era in Central Asia.
The Denver Dancer series was photographed by the producer ( several years back, but nothing ever came of them. A recently established partnership with 121 studios ( resulted in the idea of giving "life" to the sculpture. Two different types of cameras were used to capture the rhythm of the dancers with the still images cut in between. A tango was decided upon as it is the perfect dance for two. The film was made in black & white to match the still photos.
An visual exploration of an old piano as it faces its last days.
Documentary short on the artist, Linda Vi Vona. Ms. Vi Vona has been an artist for sixty years and her oeuvre spans, inter alia, oils; plastics; resins; neon lights; aluminum and paper. She has shown with some of the most renowned artists of her day and has, in quiet fashion, been breaking artistic boundaries. The video is a self portrait hinting at a life as multi-layered and complex as any of her works. This is a but a teaser. More is to come.
Three-minute video using still images from the Intrenet on Big Brown during his run for the Triple Crown in 2008.
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